SCHLAUCH– unique belts from the street.
SCHLAUCH is an extremely plain belt, understated but not boring. Each belt is a unique piece, each SCHLAUCH an original. Some belts are made of an inner tube that has cycled half of the world, some only made it to the baker’s every morning. Some are patched up, some were never damaged. Some were Made in West Germany and some have exotic imprints from the other end of the world.
Each belt tells its own story and has its own look. Those who wear this belt will continue this story. You will simply not let go that “extremely good-looking” plain black belt off your pants so soon.

Here you will find everything about SCHLAUCH.
Owners, helpers, friends. odd things, things worth knowing or simply green stuff.

The cigarette corner in front of the office.

    Jason Sarah Rainhardt Emma Benno Mariena Mäkse

SCHLAUCH on the Dekumo in December 2005
Here the PT special edition as a test version.


The lighted mirror version of SCHLAUCH was donated by Eduard Vodnjov of GSM.
His products are great. Check it out: >>


SCHLAUCH at the BLICKFANG exhibition in March 2006. Good old Alex of UNTERNEHMEN FORM

gave us some space at his stand. Good stuff. By the way, you can get SCHLAUCH in his shop.

Check it out:


Henne, the helper of all helpers with his fabulous magic fingers.